Sunday, 26 March 2017

How to Automatically Send Messages on Facebook?

As we know, it is very important to send direct message on Facebook, if these operation can be automatic, it is a really wonderful thing! If we can send mass messages to Facebook page, it will bring us a lot of business opportunities. FollowingLike is this kind of powerful software to auto send message on Facebook, you can not only send messages to your friends, but also mass send messages to any Facebook business pages as long as you can search out in Facebook.

The point is "how to auto send message to your Facebook friends", keeping the following steps:

  1. Add the Account module. Add your Facebook account.
  2. Add the SearchFriend module. Search all your Facebook friends.
  3. Add the Text module. Write the content you want to send to your friends.
  4. Add the Send Message module. Use your account to get the message to auto send.

Checking the setting picture:

This is how it runs:

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You should follow these steps to set the task "Auto send message to Facebook page":

  1. Choose the Account module. Choose your Facebook account.
  2. Choose the Text module. Add the keywords you want to search pages.
  3. Choose the Search Pages module. Use the keywords to search the pages you want to send message.
  4. Choose the Text module. Write the message you want to send to pages.
  5. Choose the Send Message to Page module. Use your account to send message to these pages you searched.

Let's see the setting:

Checking the running status:

You can easily combine, mix and sort these modules(account, text, search and follow, like, add, post, send message etc) to create any tasks you want. All these operation is same to human's operation, you don't need to worry about your accounts got suspended. If you have more accounts to manage, just add proxies for your each account. 

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