Thursday, 29 June 2017

How to Auto Comment on YouTube Videos Fast?

Hi, everyone!

Today i am going to introduce how to auto comment on YouTube videos by using FollowingLike. You can search YouTube videos by keywords to auto comment, also import some videos to auto comment. Keep the following steps:

  • Use "Account" module, choose your Google account for auto comment.
  • Use "Text" module, write a keyword that you want to search videos.
  • Use "Search" module, use the keyword to search YouTube videos, here you could do some settings: upload date, type, duration, features, sort by…
  • Use "Text" module again, here you could schedule your content that will be used to comment.
  • Use "Comment" module, combine all the modules together here to complete the task.

Check the setting details here:

This is the running status:

Run Multiple Accounts and Tasks

Add and use multiple accounts with ease and configure private settings for special accounts. You can also use it to manage unlimited number of client's profiles as a service. You can add several accounts to one instance of the software. 

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