Tuesday, 21 March 2017

How Can I Automatically Post to Multiple Facebook Groups with One Click

If you are doing business on Facebook and want to post to multiple groups, then FollowingLike is the best choice for Facebook marketing, and this Facebook bot will give your a great help. You can not only use this program to auto post on groups that you have or joined, but also can post on your pages and your friends' timeline/wall. Absolutely you can post on your Facebook profile, too.

FollowingLike is a such powerful program to run multiple accounts to automate all the tasks you want to do on Facebook. It has many functions, including the following:

Auto follow/unfollow, Like pages/posts/comments, Reply comments, Add friends/unfriend/accept friend, Post on page/timeline/group, Share to page/group/timeline, comment, Send DM, Send message to page, Create/join/leave groups, Invite user on groups/like page, Export users from pages/groups.

Here i will introduce how to set the task "Auto post to multiple FB groups":

1. Choose the Account module. Choose your Facebook account.
2. Choose the Text module. Write the content you want to post on groups.
3. Choose the Search Groups module. Search the groups you have or joined.
4. Choose the Post on Groups module. Post the content to the groups you searched. Check the setting photo:

This is running status, see how it runs:


If you have multiple Facebook accounts to manage, you should give each accounts different proxies. You can combine, mix and sort these basic modules(like, comment, post etc. and account, text, search) to create any tasks you want. The software can simulate human operation perfectly to avoid your account to get suspended!

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