Thursday, 29 June 2017

How to Auto Comment on YouTube Videos Fast?

Hi, everyone!

Today i am going to introduce how to auto comment on YouTube videos by using FollowingLike. You can search YouTube videos by keywords to auto comment, also import some videos to auto comment. Keep the following steps:

  • Use "Account" module, choose your Google account for auto comment.
  • Use "Text" module, write a keyword that you want to search videos.
  • Use "Search" module, use the keyword to search YouTube videos, here you could do some settings: upload date, type, duration, features, sort by…
  • Use "Text" module again, here you could schedule your content that will be used to comment.
  • Use "Comment" module, combine all the modules together here to complete the task.

Check the setting details here:

This is the running status:

Run Multiple Accounts and Tasks

Add and use multiple accounts with ease and configure private settings for special accounts. You can also use it to manage unlimited number of client's profiles as a service. You can add several accounts to one instance of the software. 

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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

How to Add All Your Facebook Friends to Group In One Click

Recently we add a really powerful new function on FollowingLike for Facebook version - Add All Friends to Group. And i have test it for several times, it works really great. It is really simple to set this task and use this function, with only 3 steps. You don't need to search the group, just input the group URL, it has never been so convenient for marketing on Facebook group.

But how to set the task, checking the setting instruction:

  1. Add the Account module. Choose your Facebook account.
  2. Add the URL module. Input the group url that you want to add friends to.
  3. Add the Add Friends to Group module. Add all your FB friends to the group.

I had found that many people want this function before, with this update, it is more convenient and efficient for people to promote on Facebook groups. In order to save your cost, we supply a big followinglike coupon code for you. For more updates on FollowingLike, stay tuned!

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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

How Can You Achieve a Great Success in Facebook Marketing

As the biggest social network, Facebook has more than 1.18 billion users daily. It is a really big platform and an amazing one, because you are able to promote your brand upon Facebook, without keeping it obvious! The trick is usually to create your posts interesting therefore people maintain returning for more. FollowingLike is a great helper for Facebook automation. There are some ways to do it better:

1. Post Questions and Attractions

Ask Queries within your post to engage users. Inquire further their thoughts and opinions on something relevant or inquire further a complete the empty question. Use a complete lots of pictures, persons might not read a position update however the likelihood of them searching at a fascinating picture are method larger. FollowingLike automates Facebook to post and update status, and one coupon code is available. Set up interesting photos and be sure to company them together with your logo design so people understand the brains at the rear of the pictures.

2. Have Your Personality

Your brand’s Facebook web page will need its distinct persona. Make use of that personality to activate with your supporters. And keep maintaining that character, therefore the social people can go through your statuses for the reason that familiar voice within their head. And that's sure to create a feeling of recall among the followers.

3. Interact Your Followers

All comments need to reply, and do it fast. The additional time you wait around, you decrease the probability of having a discussion with your followers. FollowingLike coupon code works on save in Facebook business. Express your follower appreciations publicly; it stimulates more folks to speak to you.

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Where can i get the most legit FollowingLike coupon code?

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

How can i automatically comment on Facebook posts?

In order to achieve a great success in Facebook marketing, we need to increase the engagement with friends and others, we should interact more with people on Facebook. We can increase the interaction by following people, like people/posts, share, comment posts, but if all these things just be done by hands, it is a huge waste of time and energy. 

At present, there is a lot of Facebook bots that can do those things, and of which, FollowingLike is the best automation tool for Facebook. It can run multiple Facebook accounts at the same time to auto follow, like, post, add, share, comment, send message and so on. Here the main function that i will mainly introduce is "how to auto comment on Facebook posts":

Following these steps to set this task:

  • Step 1. Add the "Account" module. Add your software into this bot.
  • Step 2. Add the "Text" module. Write the keyword that you're gonna use to search posts. 
  • Step 3. Add the "Search Posts" module. Use the keyword to search posts.
  • Step 4. Add the "Text" module. Write content that you want to comment on posts.
  • Step 5. Add the "Comment" module. Comment on these posts that you searched.

Check the setting image:

Check the running image:

With this powerful Facebook bot, you don't need to worry that you have no time to interact with your friends and other people. And this software has use Artificial Intelligence, no need to worry about getting banned.

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Sunday, 26 March 2017

How to Automatically Send Messages on Facebook?

As we know, it is very important to send direct message on Facebook, if these operation can be automatic, it is a really wonderful thing! If we can send mass messages to Facebook page, it will bring us a lot of business opportunities. FollowingLike is this kind of powerful software to auto send message on Facebook, you can not only send messages to your friends, but also mass send messages to any Facebook business pages as long as you can search out in Facebook.

The point is "how to auto send message to your Facebook friends", keeping the following steps:

  1. Add the Account module. Add your Facebook account.
  2. Add the SearchFriend module. Search all your Facebook friends.
  3. Add the Text module. Write the content you want to send to your friends.
  4. Add the Send Message module. Use your account to get the message to auto send.

Checking the setting picture:

This is how it runs:

There is an available followinglike coupon code, which offered by official site, checking the bellow.

You should follow these steps to set the task "Auto send message to Facebook page":

  1. Choose the Account module. Choose your Facebook account.
  2. Choose the Text module. Add the keywords you want to search pages.
  3. Choose the Search Pages module. Use the keywords to search the pages you want to send message.
  4. Choose the Text module. Write the message you want to send to pages.
  5. Choose the Send Message to Page module. Use your account to send message to these pages you searched.

Let's see the setting:

Checking the running status:

You can easily combine, mix and sort these modules(account, text, search and follow, like, add, post, send message etc) to create any tasks you want. All these operation is same to human's operation, you don't need to worry about your accounts got suspended. If you have more accounts to manage, just add proxies for your each account. 

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Thursday, 23 March 2017

How Does Facebook Bot Share Posts to Multiple Groups?

A lot of people are talking about how to share to multiple Facebook groups in Facebook business, it is really an important function that can be applied in Facebook marketing. If you still hesitate to find a Facebook bot, i'd like to give the best suggestion - FollowingLike, which can not only auto share posts on multiple Facebook groups, but also share on your profile, your business page and your friends' timeline. It is a powerful program that can run thousands of Facebook accounts to automate all the campaigns that you want to do on Facebook.

Get back to the point, how to auto share posts on multiple Facebook groups? Check the following setting steps:

  1. Add the “Account” module. Choose your Facebook account.
  2. Add the “Text” module. Write the keywords you want to search posts.
  3. Add the “Search Posts” module. Use the keywords to search the posts you want to share.
  4. Add the “Text” module. Write the content you want to say when share the posts.
  5. Add the “Text” module. Write the group name that you want to share to.
  6. Add the “Share” module. Use your account to share the posts to the group.

This is the setting picture:

This is the running status:

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Actually, FollowingLike has many other functions for Facebook version, Learn more here: