Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How Can I Automatically Add Multiple Friends on Facebook?

In Facebook marketing, a lot of friends is the basis for business on Facebook. But if we just add a lot of friends by hand everyday, it is a waste of time and energy. With FollowingLike, you don't need to worry about this boring work, because it will not only automate add friends on Facebook for you, but also automate all the work you want to do on Facebook: 

Auto follow, unfollow, add/accept friends, unfriend, like pages/posts/comments, reply comments, share to page/timeline/group, comment, send message/to page, post on page/wall/group, create/join/leave groups, invite user on groups/like page, export users/posts from page/group.

Back to the point, how to auto add multiple friends on Facebook? Keeping the following steps:

  • Add the “Account” module. Choose your Facebook account.
  • Add the “Text” module. Write keyword for search people.
  • Add the “Search People” module. Use the keyword to search people for adding.
  • Add the “Add Friends” module. Use your account to add the people you searched.

Checking the setting photo:

Checking the running status:

You can manage multiple accounts at the same to automate your work, just need to give each account different proxies. it also can simulate human operation perfectly, which avoids your accounts to get suspended! Every time you want to run some tasks, you just combine, mix these function modules(follow, like, comment, add etc) with basic modules(account, text, search etc.) to create any tasks you want.

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