Wednesday, 21 September 2016

How To Use FollowingLike Coupon Code?

What is FollowingLike?

FollowingLike is a super account management software of social medias, which can run thousands of social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest at the same time.
It can automate almost the tasks on these social medias, such as follow, unfollow, follow back, like, unlike, pin, comment, share, add friends and send messages automatically. 
FollowingLike makes social media marketing more efficient, it is a revolutionary tool and the most unique in the market!

What is a FollowingLike Coupon Code?

FollowingLike Coupon Code is a discount for all the FollowingLike users, which can save a lot of money. It is provided by FollowingLike official blog: FollowingLike Coupon Code can work forever! Get the coupon code below the post!

How To Get FollowingLike app?

First, download WhiteHatBox app in

Second, in WhiteHatBox, choose bots section

Third, find FollowingLike and download it

How To Use FollowingLike Coupon Code?

First, visit the homepage of FollowingLike:
Second, click the button
 roll down to purchase page and choose your option.
Third, in the payment process page, click input promo code.

Then it will show you the after discount price.

Copy the special coupon code here:whitehatbox20off

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