Thursday, 18 August 2016

Social Network Marketing Tutorial - How to Dominate Social Networking

What is FollowingLike? --A Revolutionary Tool For Social Network Marketing!

FollowingLike is one powerful program which run many social media accounts(Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest) at the same time to auto-follow, unfollow, follow back, like, unlike, post, pin, comment, share, add friends and send messages etc. It combines basic function modules to any complex task, executing any tasks you want automatically. This software can simulate human operation perfectly to avoid your account to get suspended!

What FollowingLike could do for you? --The Main Functions of FollowingLike for 5 Social Media

  • Facebook Version: It can auto post, follow, unfollow, add friends, unfriend, like pages, like posts, auto share, comment pages or posts, send message to your followers or friends.
  • Instagram Version: It can auto follow, unfollow, like, comment on posts.
  • Pinterest Version: It can auto like, unlike, follow, unfollow, save pin, follow boards, unfollow boards, comment on posts.
  • Google+ Version: It can auto +1, post, comment, share, follow, unfollow people, follow collections, join communities.
  • LinkedIn Version: It can auto like, share, comment update; auto like, share, comment posts; auto follow people, companies, universities.

We will keep update the functions and fix the bugs of FollowingLike, and we will add more popular social sites like Twitter, Reddit and Tumblr etc. Stay Tune!

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