Monday, 18 July 2016

What's the Main Functions of FollowingLike

What is FollowingLike? FollowingLike is a strong program which can work on four social media at the same time. They are Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest. Now let me tell you the main functions of each social media.

In Facebook, FollowingLike can auto follow, unfollow, add friends, unfriend, like pages, like posts, share, comment and send message.

In Instagram, FollowingLike can auto follow, unfollow, like, comment.

In Google+, FollowingLike can auto +1, comment, share, follow, unfollow people, follow collections, join communities.

In Pinterest, FollowingLike can auto like, unlike, follow, unfollow, follow boards, unfollow, boards, comment.

More popular sites like Twitter, linkedin and Tumblr will be added to FollowingLike, stay tuned!

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