Thursday, 21 July 2016

FollowingLike Has Added An Important Social Media

As all you know that FollowingLike can work with Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest before. And we have promised that we are gonna add more popular sites like Google+, LinkedIn and Tumblr etc, today we have added LinkedIn to FollowingLike, you have more privilege when using FollowingLike.

What is the new feature for LinkedIn?

FollowingLike can auto like, share, comment update on LinkedIn; follow people, companies, univerites on LinkedIn; like, share, comment posts on LinkedIn. Absolutely you can search the people, update, posts, companies, universities, which makes you focus on what you want easily.

With the new features added to FollowingLike like Google+ and LinkedIn, which make FollowingLike more and more powerful to dominate social networking. This is why we call it Revolutionary Tools For Social Network Marketing!

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